Sheila is an experienced trainer who has been a leader in the Toronto area in the development of interdisciplinary collaborative team practice and has provided training to collaborative professionals in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia who wish to enhance their skills using a team approach.

Along with lawyer, financial and family professional colleagues, Sheila has recently been involved in revamping collaborative process guidelines with the goal of delivering a more efficient and effective settlement process.

Sheila is a former member of the Board of Directors of Collaborative Practice Toronto, and the Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals, and is currently a training faculty member of the IACP (International Academy of Collaborative Professionals).

Along with other legal and financial professionals, Sheila provides the following training:

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Skills Training

Collaborative Process Guidelines

Sheila also provides workshops on:

The Role of the Family Professional in Collaborative Practice

The Importance of Debriefing

The Challenge of Neutrality

Upcoming Training

Family Professional Training & Consultation Group

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