Meet Sheila Brown

Sheila provides interdisciplinary skills training, consultation, and mentoring to collaborative professionals both locally and internationally.


Sheila has trained collaborative professionals around the world and is currently offering training.

Consultation & Mentoring

Sheila is available to help you debrief difficult cases or consult on challenges with your practice.

Sheila has been a leader in the development of inter-disciplinary collaborative practice in the Toronto area

Having recently retired from her direct service work providing specialized mediation and counselling services to families utilizing a collaborative process for their divorce, Sheila is now focused on sharing her knowledge and numerous years of clinical and managerial experience to train and mentor other collaborative professionals.

 Sheila remains committed to assisting other professionals to further develop their skills and move their collaborative practice forward to better meet the needs of clients going through separation/divorce.  Over the years Sheila has learned many lessons and hopes that others can learn from her experiences.

Along with legal, financial and family professional colleagues, Sheila has been involved in helping to revamp collaborative process guidelines with the goal of helping the Greater Toronto Area community to deliver a more efficient and effective settlement process.

Sheila has provided training and consultation to collaborative professionals in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia.  She is also currently a Training Faculty member of the IACP (International Academy of Collaborative Professionals).

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